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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Books for Gift Giving

Books are always a great choice for gift-giving (as well as gift certificates to book stores). But what to get? Here are a few recommendations: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. This novel is the story of a young man who leaves Cornell U. on the eve of obtaining his veterinary degree. After a tragic accident, in which both his parents are killed, he takes to the road and ends up as the veterinarian for a traveling circus. The book is a fascinating look at circus life in the 1930s. I loved it.

For nonfiction readers, I'd recommend Alex Kuczynski's Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery. I can't tell you how shocking this book is! Imagine $15 billion spent on unnecessary surgery! The author, a writer for the New York Times, has a plastic surgery obsession--she knows what she is talking about from direct experience! (A math challenge: at an average price of $20 each, the library could purchase how many books with $15 billion?)

Both these recommendations would probably appeal more to women than men, so I'm inviting readers to make recommendations of books for men, as well as recommendations in general. Just use the "comments" button below.

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