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Thursday, December 21, 2006


If you receive a gift of books, DVDs, or CDs this holiday season, please consider "regifting" them to the library. Even if you've read or listened to them, we will accept them. Here's what we do--we check the items against our catalog. Those items that we don't own, we may put into the collection. We have a Collection Development Policy that we adhere to, and items are added in accordance with this policy. If we already own the item, we may check the condition of that item and replace it as necessary. Those items we don't add, will go to the Friends of the Library of Windham (F.L.O.W.) for their sale. Often we send duplicate titles to other libraries in the state. Some libraries have VERY small book budgets and these "regifts" are much appreciated.

If you're having uneasy feelings about regifting, fear not, regifting is now socially acceptable. "Regifting" was also chosen as a Word of the Week in the Macmillan on-line dictionary. So regift away!

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