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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you were planning on taking your sweetie out to dinner tonight, forget it--you'll spend hours walking around with one of those little beepers waiting for a table. Valentine's Day evening is probably the busiest time for restaurants. Instead, why not borrow one of the library's films and have a fun evening cosying up on the couch. You won't be considered cheap if you promise to treat him/her to a romantic dinner-for-two at some later date--like tomorrow!

The American Film Institute issues lists of films in categories. For tonight's special film check out AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions. (Keep in mind that the title is "100 Passions" not "100 Romances"!

Here's AFI's top ten:
  1. Casablanca [DVD CAS]
  2. Gone with the Wind [DVD GON]
  3. West Side Story [DVD WES]
  4. Roman Holiday [DVD ROM]
  5. An Affair to Remember [DVD AFF]
  6. The Way We Were [DVD WAY]
  7. Doctor Zhivago [DVD DOC]
  8. It's a Wonderful Life [DVD ITS]
  9. Love Story (sorry, we don't own this at the present time)
  10. City Lights [VIDEO CIT]

Some of the titles on the top 10 wouldn't have even made my top 50! Here are a few of my top ten choices and their AFI ranking:

  • The African Queen [DVD AFR], #14
  • Moonstruck [DVD MOO], #17
  • It Happened One Night [DVD IT], #38
  • Sleepless in Seattle [DVD SLE], #45
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's [DVD BRE], #61
  • The Apartment [DVD APA], #62 (this would be my #1 if I had to rank it)
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being [VIDEO UNB], #87
  • The Princess Bride [DVD PRI], #88
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