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Friday, February 08, 2008

Poetry Friday--Happy New Year!

Yesterday began the Chinese New Year. The year of the boar is over, and the year of the rat has just begun. Aside from haiku, very little Asian poetry is taught in the schools, and, I'm sad to say, we have only one English translation in our collection, Three Chinese Poets [895.1 THR]! (We have a large number of Chinese language materials in our collection, but not being versed in Chinese, I can't tell what portion of it is poetry, I know there is at least two because I checked under the subject heading "Chinese Poetry.")

Thank goodness for the internet! For an introduction to the poetry of China, check out the website called Chinese Poems. This is from a poem called "New Year's Watch" by Su Shi:

Soon now, we'll mark the year's end that approaches,
It's like a snake that crawls into a hole.
Already half its scaly length is hidden,
What man can stop us losing the last trace?
And even if we want to tie its tail,
No matter how we try, we can't succeed.

Happy New Year everyone, and don't forget our celebration being held tomorrow at 10:30 am. Here are some photos of our multipurpose room all set up for the gala!

A display of a portion of our children's books on the Chinese New Year.

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