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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Teatime--Part 2

What's the good of discussing teatime if you don't discuss tea?

There are many web pages delving into the history of tea including Wikipedia's History of Tea in China. A commercial site, from the tea company, Stash, has lots of tea information and some tea videos, too. The Book of Tea & Coffee by Sarah Jane Evans and Giles Hilton [641.2 EVA] also has tea information including these helpful hints:
1 Put a few leaves in the water when boiling eggs. Try boiling some with green tea and some with black for variety.
2 Be sure to save brewed leaves for the compost bin.
3 Remember the tips of the Victorian era: cold stewed leaves were used to polish glasses and mirrors. Tea leaves boiled up in pans remove smells.

Steeped in Tea: Creative Ideas, Activities & Recipes for Tea Lovers by Diana Rosen [641.3372 ROS] has a chapter called "Looking into the Future with Tea" with "A Guide to Common Tasseography Symbols." You could plan a little theme teaparty, dress as a fortune-teller, then surprise everyone with your knowledge of tasseography. I'd be impressed!

Maybe some summer you could go to London and have tea with the Queen. It is quite an event, but not exactly what I'd call intimate--imagine having to make polite conversation with 8,000! I wonder if the Queen's staff uses the tea leaves from her parties to make the castle mirrors shine?

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