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Monday, March 24, 2008


Two milestones in the Iraq War occurred this past week--the war entered its sixth year on Wednesday, and the 4,000th American service person was killed yesterday. New Hampshire has reached its own milestone of sorts. We lost another guardsman on Saturday, bringing our total to 25.

After 5 years of war, our collection of items relating to the Iraq War has increased. Most can be found in 956.7044, and cover a variety of topics, from opinion pieces to experiences of the men and women who were over there in the thick of it.

If you're still undecided about the war and the United States' involvement in Iraq, you may wish to look at Iraq: Opposing Viewpoints [956.7044 IRA]. This book looks at a number of questions and includes essays in pairs. For example, "A Failure to Find Iraq's Weapons Calls into Question the Justification for War," by David Corn is counterbalanced by "War Was Justified Even If No Weapons of Mass Destruction are Found," by Michael Schrage.

The Iraq War will be discussed for years to come, no matter when it ends, so visit the library often to see what is new.

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