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Friday, March 28, 2008

Poetry Friday--James Stevenson

James Stevenson is the author/illustrator of many children's picture books. He is also a cartoonist for the New Yorker--another manifestation of Stevenson's penchant for wry humor. A few years back, Stevenson started producing short books of illustrated poetry. I absolutely adore them. Paired with his simple watercolor illustrations, the poems are sure to delight children, but I think, adults will like them just as well, if not better! Here's a typical poem, "Why?" from Just around the Corner: Poems [J 811 STE]

Why is it...
While other people
Are thinking about all kinds of
Important things...
I am thinking about
What it would be like
To jump barefoot
Into an open box
Of jelly doughnuts?

Stevenson's poems are playful. He plays with the words, their placement on the page, their size and shape, etc. Some of his poems depend upon the illustrations for context, so it is better to browse through the books rather than spend any more time reading blogs! In our collection we also have Corn-Fed: Poems [J 812 STE] and Popcorn: Poems [J 811.54 STE].

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