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Friday, March 21, 2008

Poetry Friday--Spring

Spring arrived officially on Thursday. I found a poem by John Dryden called "Song to a Fair Young Lady Going out of Town in the Spring"
Ask not the cause why sullen spring
So long delays her flow'rs to bear;
Why warbling birds forget to sing,
And winter storms invert the year?
Chloris is gone; and Fate provides
To make it spring where she resides.
Read the rest here.

Has Chloris left town this year, too? Although the sun's out today, temperature-wise, it's not spring! Actually, the poem, as you may have gathered, is not about spring, but is the song of "her lover in despair." (It's a pretty sappy poem!)

I like Steven Schnur's Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic [JP SCH]. Here's something a little more seasonal from the book:
Beyond our
Upstairs window
Dead-looking branches
Suddenly spring to life.

Happy spring, and if you celebrate it, Happy Easter on Sunday!

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