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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Primary Season--Will It Never End?

It basically ended for the Republicans last night when John McCain reached the magic number in the delegate count, but the Democrats are still battling it out! The next "big" primary (188 delegates) will be April 22 in Pennsylvania, so we're in for a lot more squabbling between Clinton and Obama over the next seven weeks. Frankly, I'm suffering from political fatigue and we still have eight months to go before the election!

Time Magazine
's cover story for March 10, How Much Does Experience Matter? provides food for thought. It may be worth a read.

Campaigning for President: Memorabilia from the Nation's Finest Private Collection by Jordan M. Wright [324 .973 WRI] covers the history of the races between national candidates and the paraphernalia associated with them.

From the "Preface":
Presidential political memorabilia began with the first president of the United States. Brass clothing buttons commemorating Washington's ascension to the presidency were mass-produced. The chain of thirteen links represents the original states. Many appeared with the slogan "Long Live the President."

This coffee table book is fun to browse through with its full-color photos of such items as a Henry Clay clay pipe, the William Henry Harrison parade torch in the shape of a top hat, or the Teddy Roosevelt jointed doll.

It almost makes me look forward to the upcoming race, if only to see what fun and funky items come out of it!

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