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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recess--It's Not Just for Kids!

A staff member checks out one of Trudie's "adult-sized" hula hoops. They're fantastic!

We're having a program next Friday, the 28th, at 11 am, conducted by Trudie Young, the "Recess Lady." You may have read about Trudie recently in a Sunday edition of the Nashua Telegraph. Trudie re-introduces adults to the fun of recess. She brings along hula hoops, games, snacks, jump ropes--almost everything you remember from your days on the playground, except for the bullying and the teasing! There is no preregistration, so feel free to bring a friend with you.

It seems like play for adults is becoming more prominent--Barbara told me about a segment she saw on Good Morning America today, which showed a playground for "seniors."

Famous people have shared their memories of play in The Games We Played: A Celebration of Childhood and Imagination [305.23 GAM]. It's a short little volume, but it may start you off on your own trip down memory lane! Enjoy the ride!

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