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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poetry Friday (On a Saturday!)--Baseball

Yesterday was exceptionally busy, so Poetry Friday fell down a few notches on the list of priorities. Since this is my Saturday to work, I figured I'd post today. So, today's poetry topic is BASEBALL. Not only is baseball America's premier summer sport, it is also the subject of many poems!

This is from "Analysis of Baseball" by May Swenson:

It’s about
the ball,
the bat,
and the mitt.
Ball hits
bat, or it
hits mitt.
Bat doesn’t
hit ball, bat
meets it.
Ball bounces
off bat, flies
air, or thuds
ground (dud)
or it
fits mitt.

Read the complete poem here.

Paul Janeczko, a poet from Maine, has collected some of his baseball poems in That Sweet Diamond: Baseball Poems [J 811 JAN]. This is from a poem called, "Section 7, Row 1, Seat 3":

She measures life
in baseball time:
born the year Yankee Stadium opened,
married the summer of The Streak," Ted's .406,
son born during Jackie Robinson's first season,
daughter born two days after
the "shot heard, 'round the world,"
alone since the Yankees' last pennant.

There's also haiku collected in a book called Baseball Haiku, which is on order, but if you'd like to experience a little baseball haiku before the book comes in, check out this blog.

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