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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Sounds of Spring

I love to wake in the morning now to the sounds of birdsong. That, and flowers, are the best part of spring. We don't yet have the abundance of flowers we usually get at this time of year due to the erratic winter, but the birds are out in full force!

Why not help out our little feathered friends by putting together a birdhouse? We have a good number of birdhouse books including:

Haus, Robyn. Make Your Own Birdhouses and Feeders. [J 690 HAU]
For simple and easy family projects, pick up this book written for kids. One of the most unique feeders in the book is the "Edible 'Birdhouse' (with an Oat-Thatched Roof)." This cardboard feeder is not a real house, but rather is a different take on the peanut butter birdseed projects that kids usually make using pinecones.

Jenkins, Alison. Birdhouses: From Castles to Cottages--20 Simple Homes and Feeders to Make in a Weekend. [690.892 JEN]
This colorful book provides step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos of each step. And the best thing about it is the finished products LOOK like something that someone has made. This is not a bad thing--it shows the reader that not everything has to look as though it came out of a box!

Laubach, Rene, and Christyna M. The Backyard Birdhouse Book: Building Nestboxes and Creating Natural Habitats. [692.892 LAU]
This book not only gives instructions for making birdhouses, it also provides an abundance of information on the birds that nest in these boxes. You'll find habitat needs listed as well as possible problems.

McGhee, Colin. Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders: Unique Thatched-Roof Designs Built to Audubon Specifications. [692.892 MCG]
I love this one! Thatched roofs for birds--who woulda thunk it? This book also includes a house for bats! If you live near a source of water, you may want to attract bats to keep the mosquito population under control. (Sadly, there is some mysterious disease that is now killing off scores of bats in the Northeast!)

If you'd like to identify the birds that are singing outside your bedroom window, borrow this set of DVDs: Audubon Videoguide to 505 Birds of North America [598 AUD].

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