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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day Ranting...

Today's the day to get your tax return sent in. (As if you needed a reminder!) People moan and groan about taxes, but they really should stop a minute and think about all that taxes do for us as a nation.

On the local level there's the library. We have a fabulous library here in Windham thanks to the generous support of our taxpayers (despite the "thumbs down" we recently received). I want to reiterate that taxes go to pay for items that cover the range of reader interests--not just the interests of any one particular taxpayer! In case you missed it, I'll quote a part,
Thumbs down to the Nesmith Library...for the leftist, Marxist, anti-American display of books in the lobby bookcase. They would have no job and no building to display their fascist propaganda if not for the taxpayers of Windham...
I want to point out that the display in question was on Black History Month! The writer of the "thumbs down" letter didn't like the fact that we displayed a book about Martin Luther King, Jr., and one about Malcolm X. Whatever an individual may think about the men in question, there is no denying that they are a part of African-American history! End of rant!

But, seriously, federal taxes go to pay for our infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.), for our health (research, planning--think about a future outbreak of bird flu, etc.), for our environment, etc. When all is said and done, I don't mind paying taxes. My mother taught me that it is good to share!

If you'd like to explain or discuss taxes with your children, look for Funding the Nation by John Hamilton [J 336.2 HAM] and Taxes by Norman Macht [J 336.2 MAC]. Teachers may find this page useful.

For adult books on the topic, visit the 336 section.

And, smile, you're a good citizen!

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