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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Titanic Error in Judgment

The events of the past are continuously being re-examined in an effort to answer the question "Why?" This is evident in the sinking of the Titanic--a recent report claims that more passengers may have survived except for the fact that "cheap" rivets were used in the ship's construction. Read the story here.

The tunnel collapse collapse in Boston, the rivets on the Titanic--two examples of poor judgment. The rush to finish a job, or to do it on the cheap, often results in loss of life. Arthur Miller, in his moving play, "All My Sons" (found in Collected Plays, 1944-1961 [812 MIL], explored the effects of guilt on a person who used poor judgment during World War II manufacturing.)

To read more about the Titanic disaster, look for these books, which go into some of the investigations: Titanic Voices: Memories fromm the Fateful Voyage [910.4 TIT], and The Titanic Conspiracy: Cover-Up and Mysteries of the World's Most Famous Sea Disaster by Robin Gardiner [363.12 GAR].

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