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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Speaking of Bikes...

Well, I did speak about bikes briefly in my post about the rail trail. Biking is a great spring activity--and it's good exercise. May is "National Bike Month," and this Friday, May 16, is "Bike to Work Day," according to the League of American Bicyclists.
Their website has many resources for Windham cyclists such as groups to join, bike shops, and even instructors--click here.

A fascinating bicycle website is the International Bicycle Fund. Here you'll find all sorts of things like bicycle history, starting a community biking program, anti-theft ideas, etc.

We have many items on bicycling you may want to look for, start with one of these:

Chestney, Linda. Bicycling Southern New Hampshire. [917.42 CHE]

The Noblest Invention: An Illustrated History of the Bicycle. [629.227 NOB]

Wilson, David Gordon. Bicycling Science. [629.2272 WIL]

Also look for the series of maps put out by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Planning in cooperation with the U.S.Dept. of Transportion Federal Highway Administration, which are housed in vinyl pouches in a cardboard box [917.42 NEW].

For additional titles, check the catalog under the subject heading "Bicycles and Bicycling."

Wave to Carl when you see him biking to the Library on "Bike to Work Day" on Friday!

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