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Friday, May 30, 2008

Poetry Friday--Math and Science

Over the past few years, many nontraditional poetry subjects have found their way into print, but math and science poetry? Yes! Educators are finding ways to integrate poetry into their lessons on math and science.

One example is the picture book, Mathematickles by Betsy Franco [JP FRA], a collection of poems written in the form of math problems and grouped according to seasonal themes.

Another is Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars: Space Poems and Paintings, by Douglas Florian [J 811.54 FLO].


Scalding-hot surface,
Nine hundred degrees.
Nothing can live there,
No creature,
No trees.
Poisonous clouds
of acid above.
Why was it named for
the goddess of love?

Fun, huh? And, this nice introduction to Venus may start a kid off on a little study of the planet.

Adults too, can find the weighty topics of math and science covered in poems. Verse and Universe: Poems about Science and Mathematics [811.008 VER] contains poems divided into categories such as "Space," "Time," and "Matter." Here's a little taste of the poem by Charles Harper Webb called "Persistence of Sound":
Sounds never die, some scientists say.
They fade from hearing, but keep rolling up
and down--smaller and smaller waves--forever.
Churchill orating, "We will never surrender,"
Nixon whining, "I am not a crook,"
Caruso singing Vesti la giubba,

That should give you something to think about!

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