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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


We have a display of princess books for the next few weeks. It's perfectly pink and sparkly. I hope, however, that it doesn't raise the ire of some library user who thinks the display is sexist! (See my past rant about our display case complaints.)

Actually, the display is a showcase for some of the crowns made at the recent young adult Tiara and Tea Party held during April vacation.

The idea for the party was a result of an awesome new book we added to the collection, Crowns and Tiaras, by Kerri Judd [YA 745.5 JUD]. Look for it on the shelves in a few weeks, right now it is part of our princess display.

Some other items on display are several of the books in the Meg Cabot "Princess Diaries" series, [YA CAB], the Pink Princess Cookbook by Barbara Beery [J 641.86 BEE], and one of my all-time favorite films, The Princess Bride [DVD PRI] (view the trailer here).

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