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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"A Tomato Doesn't Have Logic..."

This morning with my coffee, I sadly read the news of the death of Sydney Pollack. This multi-talented man was an actor, director, and producer of film and television. Surprisingly, though, I bet that there are many who don't know Pollack. The New York Times has a slideshow where you can see photos of Pollack wearing his many Hollywood "hats." Once you see his face, you'll say, "Oh, yeah..."

To view Pollack's work, look for these films the next time you visit:

A Civil Action. [DVD CIV] (Actor)
Cold Mountain. [DVD COL] (Producer)
The Firm. [VIDEO FIR] (Director)
Iris. [DVD IRI] (Producer)
Jeremiah Johnson. [DVD JER] (Director)
Michael Clayton. [DVD MIC] (Producer, Actor)
Out of Africa. [DVD OUT] (Producer, Director)
Sabrina. [VIDEO SAB] (Producer, Director)
Searching for Bobby Fischer. [VIDEO SEA] (Producer)
Tootsie. [VIDEO TOO] (Producer, Director, Actor)
The Way We Were. [DVD WAY] (Director)

He will be missed.

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