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Monday, June 09, 2008

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That--June 2008

A bunch of things to mention briefly today:

At 10:30 there was already a line for the book sale.

  1. The F.L.O.W. Strawberry Festival and Book Fair was held on Saturday and by all accounts was an overwhelming success! Many thanks to the Friends of the Library for continuing this annual community program.

    At the library's summer reading program craft table, kids decorate a boomerang.

    Crikey! It's Steve Irwin promoting the summer reading program.

  2. Shameless self-promotion! I'm a part of a group of children's writers called The Write Sisters. Last month, our first cooperative effort, Women of Granite: 25 New Hampshire Women You Should Know [being processed], was released. Most of The Write Sisters are teachers or librarians. From years of working with children we were able to identify a need and fill it. If you've ever had to help a 4th grade girl find a biography on a famous NH woman, you've realized there's a lack of suitable materials--until now.

    The book is published by a local publisher, Apprentice Shop Books. On Friday, the NH Center for the Book named it the book of the week!

  3. I viewed a most frightening documentary recently, The Future of Food. It covers the topic of genetically modified foods. To read more about the topic borrow Alan McHughen's Pandora's Picnic Basket: the Potential and Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods [363.19 MCG] from our collection.

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