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Friday, June 20, 2008

Poetry Friday--Summer's Here!

At 7:59 this evening, spring will bow out and summer will walk in. For the kids in town, summer has already started since school is now officially over for the year. You can revisit the summers of your youth by reading Lemonade Sun and Other Summer Poems by Rebecca Kai Dotlich [J 811.54 DOT]. Here's a poem of summer's uniquely refreshing beverage:

We pour
its liquid sweetness
from a tall
glass pitcher,
on frosty squares
of ice,
lemon light
and slightly tart,
we gulp its gold--
licking our lips
with summer.

Other summer poems for kids can be found in Douglas Florian's Summersaults: Poems and Paintings [J 811 FLO]. Florian includes a number of poems with movement expressed through the layout of the words on the page. The poem, "Fireflies," brings to mind the erratic flickering flight of bioluminescent insects. Check it out!

Have a great summer everyone!


  1. I added a link to your Poetry Friday post at Semicolon (www.semicolonblog.com) so that others can enjoy the lemonade.

  2. My three year old is head over heals in love with lemonade this month. I know no greater pleasure than mixing some up for our backyard picnics and watching his delight. Thanks for sharing this poem!

  3. Hi Sherry and cloudscome! Thanks for reading my post--my readers are generally shy about commenting--two comments for one post is amazing! ;-)
    --KK aka Diane