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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Slowing Down

It's not going to happen. With a world competing to satisfy the public's demand for instant gratification, the days of slowing-down-and-taking-your-time are probably gone. That does not stop some from making an attempt to get us to give up our quest for quicker-and-easier solutions to everything. Yesterday I read an article in The Independent, called Peel an Orange, and Other Things Britons Won't Do. It appears that the citizens of the U.K.oranges are eating fewer oranges simply because they are difficult to peel!
Compared with the easy-peel, lighter-weight satsuma and tangerine, the noble orange is considered too big, too messy and too inconvenient to denude with your human fingers.

A spokesman for Fruitmann, importer and exporter of fruits, explained that consumers just don't feel it's worth the bother taking the skin off an orange (let alone taking the pith). "A recent study," he said, "showed that we spend only 15 minutes eating lunch in the UK on average."

How sad is that? The taste of a juicy sweet orange can't be beat, and certainly no tangerine can compare to it as far as I'm concerned!

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