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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Think Cool Thoughts!

With today's temps hovering around 100 degrees, it's time to settle down in some nice air-conditioned place (like the library), and read a "cool" book!

Here are a few titles to pick from:

Brockmeier, Kevin. The Brief History of the Dead. [F BRO]
Laura Byrd is trapped in an Antarctic research station, her supplies are running low, her radio finds only static, and the power is failing. With little choice, Laura sets out across the ice to look for help, but time is running out.

Marshall, James Vance. White-Out. [F MAR]
The only survivor of a secret World War II British naval mission to Antarctica struggles for life and sanity in this harshest of environments.

McCaughrean, Geraldine. The White Darkness: A Novel. [YA MCC]
Taken to Antarctica by the man she thinks of as her uncle for what she believes to be a vacation, Symone--a troubled fourteen-year-old--discovers that he is dangerously obsessed with seeking Symmes's Hole, an opening that supposedly leads into the center of a hollow Earth.

Patterson, James. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning. [YA PAT]
While on a mission to Antarctica to save the world from global warming, fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock--a band of genetically modified children who can fly--are pursued by their creator, the Uber-Director, who wants to auction them off to the highest bidder.
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Antarctica. [SF STA]
A group of radical environmentalists struggles to find a way to save the natural beauty of Antarctica from the politicians who are fighting for control of its natural resources.

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