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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Bug Week!

Well, at least at KK's Kurio Kabinet it is! The library is a great place for bugs, and I don't just mean books about bugs! The other day I found a dead, but perfectly preserved bug, a moth I believe, out on the bricks in front of the building. It had a lovely fuzzy, black and white, thorax and abdomen, and a set of delicate white wings. It was quite stunning. I've often been surprised to see moths, wings outspread, on the outside walls. Maybe they're trying to get in?

Insects are creatures of enormous variety, and rather fun to study if you can get over the ick factor. One way to get over your disgust is to read about them. Here are two books that may give you a greater appreciation for bugs:

Hubbell, Sue. Broadsides from the Other Orders: A Book of Bugs. [595.7 HUB] This from the chapter on black flies:
It should also be said that a number of animals don't regard any adult black flies as bad but as dinner. Among these are insectivorous bats and birds, a number of other flies, certain wasps, and dragonflies. A host of tiny parasites--mites, fungi, protozoans, nematodes, and such creatures--simply couldn't do without black flies, to whom they represent opportunity for life. But we are not nematodes or birds, and since we are the ones who label them, black flies are Bad Bugs.
We, as humans, are just so damned self-centered!

Waldbauer, Gilbert. What Good are Bugs? Insects in the Web of Life. [595.717 WAL] Waldbauer, too, gets a reader to think a wee bit differently.
Yet most people are not aware of our dependence upon insects and know little or nothing about them. We tend to fear the unknown. Thus many people are suspicious of almost all insects and, to the great detriment of our collective ecological conscience, look upon them, with only a few exceptions, as our natural enemies.

I hate to preach, but we often treat other humans, those we are unfamiliar with, rather badly at times, and all because of our fear of the unknown. Let's try a little harder to be willing to get to know all the creatures of the earth--both buggy, and human!

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