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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Library Sky at Dusk

Last night as we were leaving at closing time, 8:00, the sky had a magnificent array of color--blue, pink, white, gray, pale yellow. I won't say it left me speechless, because I hardly ever have nothing to say, but it sure did leave me awestruck! Carl said it was a "Maxfield Parrish sky." It surely was! Funny how 3 words can evoke whole images. "Maxfield Parrish sky" brought to mind luminescent color and fantasy-filled images. Here's only one example of a "Maxfield Parrish sky":

Maxfield Parrish was an illustrator from the golden age of illustration, when magazine covers were works of art that stood alone and were not covered by cover story teasers. He illustrated ads, calendars, fairy tales, books of poetry, and more. We have his illustrations in Eugene Field's Poems of Childhood [J 811 FIE]. Sadly, the reproduction is not the best, so the colors are muted and muddy.

Parrish spent a great deal of time in New Hampshire and several years ago, the Currier Museum of Art exhibited his works. They have some of his works in their permanent collection. It is much better to see them in person, in their original sizes (some were humongous), than it is to view them online! I was lucky to have seen them hanging together--fantastic! (I just want to mention once again, that the library has a pass to the Currier!)

In Windsor, VT, the Cornish Colony Museum has an exhibit this summer, "THE POWER OF PLACE: Paintings That Define The American Image," which includes Parrish's work. The Museum also has biographical information about Parrish, click here.

NH resident, Alma Gilbert's, website is devoted to Parrish. She exhibits, and is a broker for the sale of his work.

Our book, Maxfield Parrish 1870-1966 by Sylvia Yount [760 YOU], a well-produced, amply illustrated book, is a look at Parrish's life and career. You'll get a real feel for man through quotes, and of course, his art. Check it out!

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