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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make Your Own Music

Weekend Edition Sunday last week, had a segment on a band by the name of NOMO. The band is described as offering "traces of Motown, futuristic funk, avant-garde jazz and — as the album title boldly states — rock music. It's a sonic maelstrom..." Most importantly to the band, their music inspires movement and dance in its listeners.

Part of the uniqueness of NOMO comes from the instruments they play--homemade instruments. You can see some of them here. There are some very clever people in the world who are able to make music from anything!

You too, can try your hand at instrument-making by checking out Making Musical Instruments by Hand by Jay Havighurst [781.91 HAV]. Do an internet search on "making musical instruments" and you'll find everything from a do-it-yourself mandolin (for those with a basic knowledge of workworking) to making a didjeridoo from a plastic golf club sheath costing less than $1.00!

Probably the easy instrument of all is your own body! Slap your thighs, clap your hands, whistle! Dance! And feel the joy of music!

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