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Friday, July 04, 2008

Poetry Friday--July 4th, Independence Day

Good Night
by Carl Sandburg (from Smoke and Steel)

Many ways to say good night.

Fireworks at a pier on the Fourth of July
spell it with red wheels and yellow spokes.
They fizz in the air, touch the water and quit.
Rockets make a trajectory of gold-and-blue
and then go out.

Railroad trains at night spell with a smokestack mushrooming a white pillar.

Steamboats turn a curve in the Mississippi crying a baritone that crosses lowland cottonfields to razorback hill.

It is easy to spell good night.
Many ways to spell good night.

You can read this poem and more in Complete Poems by Carl Sandburg [811.5 SAN]. We also have an audio cassette, Carl Sandburg Reads: A Poetry Collection [AB 811 SAN]. I'm not sure if the above poem is in the collection since the notes only say,
Includes: Fog; Prairie Waters by Night; The Windy City; Wilderness and more...

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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