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Friday, August 29, 2008

Poetry Friday--Some Thoughts on Labor Day and Trestles

Since Labor Day is on Monday, I thought about devoting today's post to a poem about work. Work is a major part of most adult lives and yet, I've found that there are a limited number of poems about work. The ones I came across mainly had to do with farm labor, or dealt with the tragic happenings surrounding factory work, such as Robert Pinsky's poem, "Shirt." Many more of us labor in jobs that are neither in fields, nor, in sweatshops.

I actually like my job--I like it a lot! But maybe I'm unusual? I guess if I wrote a poem that deals with a good job, not many people would be able to relate to my poem either! I'll give it some more thought...

So, today, instead of a poem celebrating labor, here's the opening to a poem celebrating love and poetry!
Poetry is a Trestle
by Nikki Giovanni

poetry is a trestle
spanning the distance between
what i feel
and what i say
Read the rest in The Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni [811 GIO].

Happy Labor Day to all!

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