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Friday, April 10, 2009

Poetry Friday--Bicycles

Bicycles: Love Poems is the name of a new collection of poems by Nikki Giovanni [811.54 GIO]. What an odd name for a book of love poems, I thought to myself, and as soon as I opened the book, I found this, "Bicycles: because love requires trust and balance." Ah...a great title! And I love the cover--the author and a shiny red bicycle!

Giovanni writes for children as well as adults. Her work is simple--I mean that as a compliment--and direct. Many of the poems in this latest collection could be used with kids. "Shoe Jazz Blue Jazz" and "No Heaven" are just two examples.

from "No Heaven"

How can there be
No Heaven

When rain falls
gently on the grass
When sunshine scampers
across my toes

Other poems are a little more adult, but nothing that would scare anyone away!

Her language is current--she talks of MapQuest and events such as the massacre at Virginia Tech (the second anniversary of which is coming up later this month).

I'd recommend you trying Bicycles if you're not a reader of poetry. I think you might find you like it! And if you do, we have other collections by Nikki Giovanni for you to delve into.

This week's Poetry Friday Round-Up is being held at Carol's Corner. Check it out!

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  1. I adore Giovanni's work. She is both wise and joyful. Thanks for the review of this new one!