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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Guess You'd Have to be a Librarian to Really Appreciate This

The daily library comic, Unshelved, sponsors a "Pimp My Bookcart" competition each year. The winners for 2009 were recently announced. Check them out here.

My favorite, "Baa Baa Book Sheep," only received a runner-up award! Boo!

Courtesy www.unshelved.com

A book like JoAnn Bortles' The Custom Painting Ideas Book [629.287 BOR] probably has plenty of ideas to get us started on our own Nesmith Library bookcart "pimping." And the people from Monster Garage give us a few good tips, too, in their How to Customize Damn Near Everything [629.287 HOW]. If we enter next year's contest it will contain some reference to bacon. Those who know our director know why.

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