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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Man in Red--Part 3

Have you heard the story of the Flying Santa, a Santa who delivers mail to lighthouses by airplanes? There seems to have been several people known as the Flying Santa over the years. The story of the first Flying Santa can be found at FlyingSanta.com.

From Famous Lighthouse of America by Edward Rowe Snow

The Boston historian and writer, Edward Rowe Snow, was one of the Flying Santas who delivered packages to New England area lighthouses. He wrote about his flights in his 1955 book, Famous Lighthouses of America [387.155 SNO]. Snow explained that one of the questions he was often asked was, "How do you hit your target?" He answered,
For good bombing in years past, I have cut a little wooden door in the fuselage of the plane on the starboard side, and find that it serves its purpose well. Coming in low over the reservation, I wait until I can see the lighthouse slipping up toward me. Then I let the package drop just before the light flashes by, and the angle of approach allows the bundle to hit the target nineteen times out of twenty.
Isn't it nice that Santa always finds a way! Have a great holiday. See you next week!

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