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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Man in Red

The man in red is gearing up for his round-the-world trip this Thursday night. You know all about him, but perhaps your children don't have a complete picture of who and what he is. The November/December issue of Faces: People, Places, and Cultures magazine [J MAG FAC] has devoted the whole issue to Santa, "The Many Faces of Santa Claus." It is fascinating reading even for adults. Did you know that in Latvia Santa is called, "Christmas Pop," while in Italy, he's not a man at all--the gift-bringer is an old woman known as "La Befana."

Photo by Lincolnian

We have several works of fiction in both our children's and adult collections. On the adult shelves you'll find The Autobiography of Santa Claus "as told to Jeff Guinn" [F GUI], and its follow-up The Great Santa Search "as told to Jeff Guinn by Santa Claus himself" [F GUI]. On display in the children's room is The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by Julie Lane [J LAN], along with a gazillion other Santa books.

Come back tomorrow for more about the man in red.

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