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Monday, December 28, 2009

Queen Victoria

Did you happen to see last week's program on WGBH, Timewatch? It was all about Queen Victoria's childhood and the events that led to her ascension to the throne. (Timewatch is a BBC program, if you go to the BBC page, there is a clip from the program, as well as links to related material.)

Also last week, a new film was released, The Young Victoria, which deals with her early life as queen, and her marriage to Prince Albert. Surprisingly, the film is being produced by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. You can read about Sarah Ferguson's involvement in the film by clicking here.

I guess it's about time we delved into Victoria's early love life--her later love life was filmed in a 1997 movie, Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown [VIDEO HER]. It
explores the relationship between the long widowed Queen Victoria and John Brown, her Scottish servant. This friendship scandalized not only Queen Victoria's family, but members of the British government.
I suppose that 10 years from now, someone will release a film about Victoria's middle years!

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