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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Flying Frogs?

In the Himalayas, a tree frog with big red feet has been found. The size of its webbed feet enables it to glide when falling from a tree, thus it has been named, the "flying frog."

You would think that there is nothing new to discover in most areas of the world, but it ain't so. Read about several newly discovered species here on the Discovery Channel website.

You can read/see unusual flying animals in these items from our children's room:

O'Malley, Kevin. Carl Caught a Flying Fish. [JP OMA]

Roland, Timothy. Come Down Now, Flying Cow! [E ROL]

Rosen, Michael. Bear Flies High. [JP ROS] (Bear doesn't really fly!)

Smith, Trevor. Amazing Lizards. [J 597.95 SMI] (Has a flying gecko.)

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