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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remembering Robert B. Parker

One of New England's most prolific mystery writers was Robert B. Parker, who passed away on Monday at the age of 77.

What with titles in multiple formats such as regular print, large print, and audiobooks, there are 89 Robert Parker items in our catalog. We used to have more, but some of our copies were so old and ratty (in other words, well-read), they had to be thrown out.

I'm not a mystery reader, but I did go through a "Spenser" phase a few years back. I enjoyed the characters and finding Boston area landmarks within the stories. Parker's latest Spenser novel, #37, published in the fall, was The Professional.
A knock on Spenser's office door can only mean one thing: a new case. This time the visitor is a local lawyer with an interesting story. Elizabeth Shaw specializes in wills and trusts at the Boston law firm of Shaw & Cartwright, and over the years she's developed a friendship with wives of very wealthy men. However, these rich wives have a mutual secret: they've all had an affair with a man named Gary Eisenhower- and now he's blackmailing them for money. Shaw hires Spenser to make Eisenhower "cease and desist," so to speak, but when women start turning up dead, Spenser's assignment goes from blackmail to murder.
To learn more about Parker, check out the interview at MysteryNet.com.

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