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Monday, January 04, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

The other day I was asked if we had a copy of Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespeare play. "Of course we do!" I said. "We have it in multiple forms, what are you looking for?"

The person I spoke with was surprised to find that we have Romeo and Juliet in several collections of Shakespeare's plays [822.33 SHA], a "No Fear" version, which is billed as "The play plus a translation anyone can understand" [822.33 SHA], the BBC filmed version of the staged play [DVD 822.33 SHA], the 1968 Hollywood hit directed by Franco Zeffirelli [VIDEO ROM], and a graphic novel version adapted by Richard Appignanesi [YA CX APP]. We even have the music to the ballet by Prokofiev, "Romeo i Dzhul'etta" [CD CLASSICAL PRO], which was inspired by the play. The only thing we don't have is the "Cliff's Notes" Romeo and Juliet!

With so many versions of the play, you'd think that it was incredibly well-known and familiar. It turns out to be misremembered, as is evidenced by a recent off-Broadway production!

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