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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Skating

If you've been watching the Olympics you've been dazzled by the display of various skating skills--from speed skating to ice dancing. If you haven't been watching, you can go to the official website, Vancouver2010, and catch some of the competitions on video.

It might be too late for you to dream about Olympic skating prowess, but it may not be too late for your kids or grandkids. Here's where the library comes in--we have books for kids on all aspects of skating!

A Basic Guide to Speed Skating. [J 796.91 BAS]

Foeste, Aaron. Ice Skating Basics. [J 796.91 FOE]

MacDonald, James. Hockey Skills: How to Play Like a Pro. [J 796.962 MAC]

Thomas, Keltie. How Figure Skating Works. [J 796.912 THO]

In our adult services magazine area, we carry the bi-monthly magazine, International Figure Skating [MAG INT] so that you can keep up with the latest in the sport.

The whole family can sit down to enjoy watching Miracle [DVD MIR] the film about the gold-medal winning U.S. Hockey Team.

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