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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Dragons

If you've seen How to Train Your Dragon, and you want to read some stories about dragons, you're in luck--a look in our catalog reveals 252 entries under the subject heading, Dragons - Fiction.

They range all the way from picture books right up to adult fiction. Here are a few titles to get you started:

Abbott, Tony. The Moon Dragon. [J ABB]
When Eric and his friends finally return home from Droon, they discover that Gethwing, the moon dragon, has kidnapped most of the townspeople, including their parents, and is on the hunt for a magical object to become more powerful.

Baker, E.D. The Dragon Princess. [J BAK]
Although a princess, Millie cannot keep herself from turning unexpectedly into a dragon, so she ventures off to the Frozen North to find the Blue Witch, who she hopes will help her learn to control her dragon magic.

Broach, Elise. Hiding Hoover. [JP BRO]
Two children must find a way around their father's "no pets" rule when a friendly dragon appears in their backyard.

Browne, N.M. Basilisk. [YA BRO]
Two teens who discover they are sharing the same dream of dragons fight to stop the evil dictator from bringing their dreams to life in the form of a terrible basilisk with the power to literally scare people to death.

Ehrlich, Amy. Baby Dragon. [JP EHR]
All day, Baby Dragon turns down other animals' offers to go play or find a snack while he waits for his mother to return for him, but at nightfall, he agrees to go with Crocodile to find her.

Koller, Jackie French. The Dragonling. [J KOL]
Finding a baby dragon accidentally left alive after his older brother's dragonquest, Darek risks death and the anger of his people in trying to return it to the Valley of the Dragons.

Lackey, Mercedes. One Good Knight. [SF LAC]
Princess Andromeda, chosen to be the virgin sacrifice to a dragon, decides to defend herself and face the dragon alone; however, she is joined by Sir George, an inexperienced knight, who helps her track down the dragon's lair.

Smith, Jeff. Bone: Rose. [J CX SMI]
Princess Rose musters up courage to face the dragon that threatens the small towns in the Northern Valley, only to discover the dragon is actually the Lord of the Locusts; and meanwhile, her sister, Princess Briar, embarks on a more sinister quest.

Tolkien, J.R.R. Roverandom. [F TOL]
A dog who has been turned into a toy dog encounters rival wizards and experiences various adventures on the moon with giant spiders, dragon moths, and the Great White Dragon.

Vande Velde, Vivian. Dragon's Bait. [YA VAN]
Wrongly condemned of witchcraft, fifteen-year-old Alys is tempted to take revenge on her accusers when the dragon to which she has been sacrificed turns out to be an ally.

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