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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh, the Horror!

Horror is not my thing--I'd rather drink a warm Bud Light than sit through a horror movie (gag, gag)! And, I would never, ever, pick up a book of horror. But, that doesn't stop me from purchasing horror titles for the library, as I know the genre has many fans!

So, if I need to consult a resource that specializes in horror, I can go to The Monster Librarian, which is
A source for readers of horror fiction to find another book to read and a source for librarians to develop their collections and provide readers advisory.
One recent novel we added to our collection, Last Days by Brian Evenson [F EVE] was too HORRORible for our resident horror fan, Barbara. Whether that is a comment on the plot, or the writing, I'll never tell--you'll have to read it yourself.

Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, also came out with a new title, Horns [F HIL], which is classified as "horror fiction." [If you look in our catalog under the subject heading "horror fiction," you'll find nearly 300 titles!]

I just put in an order card for Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a new title that is getting a lot of exposure in the media. Look for it in a few weeks.

And don't forget to pick up one of the horror "classics" such as King's The Shining [F KIN] or William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist [F BLA], both of which are also available on DVD.

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