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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Theft of Property

I'm not going to rant about library books and materials being town property, and that by not returning them, you would be considered a petty thief (okay, maybe I will, but consider yourself warned and stop reading here). I am going to direct you to an article by Sarah Netter on the ABC News Website, "Return Library Books or Else: Borrowers Arrested for Failing to Return Overdue Books, DVDs: Frustrated by Loss of Property, Towns Resort to Arresting Negligent Library Patrons." Read it please, send it to those of your friends who may not want to be bothered returning library materials and dismiss overdue notices as harassment. The people who were arrested were arrested because they failed to appear in court. Of course they ignored the court summons because they ignored those overdue notices they received. Hey, most libraries have outdoor bookdrops--if the perps were tired of receiving harassing notices, then they could have driven by the library under the cover of darkness and RETURNED THE ITEMS. Simple.

For books about book theft we have two mysteries (duh!): Death in Dublin by Bartholomew Gill [MYS GIL] and Schemers by Bill Pronzini [MYS PRO].

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