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Monday, April 05, 2010

Crafty Women

You may have noticed the basket of yarn as you enter the nonfiction area of the library. For the past month library users have been dropping off skeins and balls of yarn and women of the American Legion Auxiliary have been collecting them. The yarn is then made into stunningly colorful laprobes that will soon be headed to VA hospitals for use by veterans. The Auxiliary has put up a display of some of the laprobes so that yarn donors can see the results of their generosity.

Come down to the library to see the display and/or to drop off more yarn! And while you're here, browse through our crochet and knitting section [746] if you're inspired to make a laprobe of you own!


  1. My mom is the knitting genius in my family, so I enjoyed this story. Alas, I inherited none of the knitting genes.

    May I mention, "craftily," (I like your pun) that episodes 127-131 over at my place are about another amazing craft (that I also can't do)--quilting?

    Happy National Poetry Month to everyone!

  2. Yes, I read some of them!