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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dragon Inspiration?

Dragons are unique creatures. It makes you wonder who thought up the first dragon and what inspired the thought? There are lizards, iguanas, and other creatures that may have led to the development of the mythical dragon.

One such creature is the frilled lizard. The photo below makes the frilled lizard look pretty fearsome. Imagine coming across one and thinking that perhaps there is a larger version out in world! Yikes!

Photo by Wouter!

The Komodo dragon can grow to ten feet and weigh 300 pounds. Yikes, again!

Our children's room has these scary creatures covered in books such as:

Arnosky, Jim. Slither and Crawl: Eye to Eye with Reptiles. [J 597.9 ARN]

Facklam, Margery. Lizards: Weird and Wonderful. [J 597.95 FAL]

Huggins-Cooper, Lynn. Revolting Reptiles. [J 597.9 HUG]

Lunis, Natalie. Komodo Dragon: The World's Biggest Lizard. [J 597.959 LUN]

Mitchell, Susan K. Animals with Wicked Weapons: Stingers, Barbs and Quills. [J 591.47 MIT]

We have plenty more, too, so come browse the shelves.

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