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Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day is Everyday!

I'm still stuck on the the Earth Day and recycling themes of last week. So, I'll continue with a few miscellaneous items:

If you've ever wondered what those little numbered triangles on the backs of plastic containers mean, then, I can help. Here's a chart from americanchemistry.com. There is all sorts of additional information on plastics available at americanchemistry.com, including recycling tips. Just remember, the website is published by the American Chemistry Council, which "represents the leading companies engaged in the business of chemistry," so they do have an obvious bias and agenda!

A recently published (2010) book is The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession With Stuff is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health--And a Vision for Change by Annie Leonard [306.4 LEO]. The book is based on the popular video that has been available online for several years. It's below, but, it is more than 20 minutes long, so watch it when you have time to concentrate.

There are not only environmental issues with "stuff," there is also a whole moral/ethical issue which is also explored in A Year without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy by Sara Bongiorni [382.6 BON].

Overconsumption, processed foods, and the "buy local" movement, are part of another environmental aspect that has garnered a lot of attention--eating. Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal by Tristram Stuart [363.8 STU] or the film, Food, Inc. [DVD 338.4 FOO] might be two titles of interest.

There's so many more Earth Day-type subjects to explore, but I'll leave them for another day!

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