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Monday, April 19, 2010

What Happens When You Check Out More Than 211,000 Books?

You have to reshelve them when they are returned to the library! Imagine that--putting 211,000 books, in order, back on the shelf! Here's the most astonishing detail--all those books are shelved by volunteers!

So, to honor our dedicated volunteers we hold an annual celebration of appreciation. Last Thursday was our 2010 celebration with speeches, awards, conversation, and FOOD!

Our theme this year is Nesmith Library Volunteers Rock!

Our Volunteer of the Year award went to Jeanne Rouleau (shown on the right with Library Trustee, Mary Lee Underhill on the left), and a special award was issued to Steve Machovic, in memory of his late wife Marie, a long-time volunteer who is now sorely missed.

Without volunteers our Library would come to a screeching halt! We are eternally grateful!

Library staff volunteer coordinators, Terrie Marietta and Barbara Nagle

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