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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fancy Nancy Fans Take Note...

Tomorrow night at 6:00 pm, the Andover Book Store in Andover, MA, is having a "Fancy Nancy Party." (Directions here.)

If you're not familiar with the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O'Connor (found in both the JP and E sections), then chances are you don't know any 6 year-old girls. The books are "hot." We have 17 titles, some of which have more than one copy! A glance at the shelves on Tuesday showed only 6 of the 17 on the shelf. The original book in the series, Fancy Nancy [JP OCO], has been out 81 times!

If you'd like to host your own "Fancy Nancy Party," then let me recommend Fancy Nancy Tea Parties [JP OCO].
In her own inimitable style, the girl who loves to use fancy words provides tips on how to host the perfect tea party, describing how to behave, food and drinks to serve, games to play, and much more.
For more refreshment ideas, look for the Fairies Cookbook by Barbara Beery [J 641.5 BEE]. You'll find recipes for treats such as "Fairy Princess Marshmallow Pops" and "Flower Petal Punch."

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