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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Is Coming

Mother's Day is coming and the shopping days are few. May I suggest an online donation in your mother's name to We Care Solar. I heard about We Care Solar on NPR last Sunday and was impressed by the actions of a couple who thought outside the box and created a solar powered system for third world health facilities. The complete unit will fit in a suitcase. You can listen here or read the transcript here.

After all the depressing BP oil spill news this week, it was good to hear a story where people are actively pursuing non-oil energy solutions. Solar energy has been slow in its development, but some smart entrepreneur is going to apply him or herself to creating a better way of powering our world. I hope it's soon, though, because I don't think the earth and its people can depend on oil for too much longer.

Solar solutions can be applied to your home, and we have a number of books on the subject in 621.47. A book with an intriguing title is Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius by Garvin D.J. Harper [621.47 HAR]. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

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