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Friday, May 28, 2010

Poetry Friday--Newspaper Blackout

There are always fun ways to create poetry. One that has been getting a lot of interest lately is blackout poetry. Austin Kleon has put together a book of such poems in Newspaper Blackout [811.6 KLE].

Kleon uses pages of the New York Times and blacks out words to form a poem. You can listen to a Kleon poem on NPR, click here. Kleon also has a website. Of course, you can always visit the Library and look for Newspaper Blackout on the shelf.

You can get high spending time with a black permanent marker, so, alternatives to writing a blackout poem would be to cut out words and glue them onto a piece of paper, or to simply circle the words on the page. The advantages to blacking out over circling is there are no other words to detract from the poem, and the expanses of black become part of the poem itself.

I took up the challenge and made a blackout poem from the first page of this month's The Nesmith News.

It's next to impossible to read, so, I have written it out below with line breaks and punctuation added:

Our Destiny

Our destiny
definitely is due
to changes that you
continue to create.
Hold on when you
connect with one that
is ready to be us--
find the link
and go.

This week's Poetry Friday Round-Up is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Stop by!

1 comment:

  1. Well done! I've never heard of 'blackout poetry' though have read of something called 'erasure' poetry where you leave the back text faintly visible. There are probably other names for it as well. Thanks for demonstrating this interesting method of creating a poem.