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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New England Meetinghouses

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a program by writer/photographer, and NH resident, Paul Wainwright. Wainwright recently published a book called A Space for Faith: The Colonial Meeting Houses of New England [726.5 WAI].
from Wainwright's

In colonial New England, there was little distinction between faith and community. Meetinghouses were built by the communities, usually but not always through taxation, and these were used for both religious worship and town business. They were the central focus of the community, and were an important point of contact for all.

Also on the website is a 12-minute video produced by videographer Peter Hoving, a slideshow, and miscellaneous information about meetinghouses.

A related book in our collection is Great New England Churches: 65 Houses of Worship That Changed Our Lives by Robert Mutrux [726 MUT].

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