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Friday, June 04, 2010

Poetry Friday--"Growing Stones in New Hampshire"

Anyone who has ever lived in New Hampshire will read Mekeel McBride's "Growing Stones in New Hampshire" and say, Ah, yes, that's the way it really is!
Growing Stones in New Hampshire

That first year we turned the soil,
charted a garden that even Babylon
might have blessed. But we had not guessed
about the stones,
what a heavy work they would make
for us--something neither of us had foreseen.

Making way for one radish might mean
shoveling stones the size
of sewing baskets; for cabbage,
dislodging rock that weighed more
than our wood stove; and in exchange
for tomatoes, a boulder bigger than a sofa.

But we got the garden in
and even had a harvest
after slugs and woodchuck, cutworm
and drought. "Next year," we said,
"will be better. We'll build a fence.
At least the stones are out."

In May, when we set spade to soil
there they were again but worse

To read the rest, you'll have to borrow Dog Star Delicatessen: New and Selected Poems 1979-2006 [811.54 MCB].

If you'd like to read more of Ms. McBride's commentary on New England, visit her blog, Listening to the River.

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