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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Scrambled Eggs"

Saturday was Sir Paul McCartney's 68th birthday, and to celebrate, a radio station in London played 24 hours of McCartney's "Yesterday." "Yesterday," according to the Guinness World Records people, is the most covered song EVER. The 24 hours of "Radio Yesterday" included many of those cover versions. I hope not to offend any Beatles fans, but "Yesterday" has to be my least favorite Beatles song! I listened, online, to a small portion of the 24 hours--a very small portion! The song is bad enough in English, but in Russian, in what sounded like a recording made at karaoke night in a bar, it was horrible. (Torturous, if truth be known.)

"Yesterday" originally appeared on the Beatles' 1965 record, Help! We don't have Help!, but we do have it on The Beatles 1962-1966 [CD ROCK BEA]. And, we also have cover versions on The Essential Chet Atkins [CD COUNTRY ATK] and Timeless: The Classics by Michael Bolton [CD MALE VOCALIST BOL]. Lucky for you, only those two came up on my first (and only) search!

So, why is the title of this post, "Scrambled Eggs"? Click here.

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