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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Project

Need a summer project? How about organizing your boxes of family photos? Put them in albums and label them on the back (no.2 pencil only), so that future generations can identify the strange people with the hula hoops, and those in funky prom dresses.

If you want to organize and then preserve your photos digitally, then look for Digitizing Your Family History: Easy Methods for Preserving Your Heirloom Documents, Photos, Home Movies and More in a Digital Format by Rhonda R. McClure [929.1 MCC].

You could make your photos available to family and friends by putting them online at a photo sharing site such as flickr, on Facebook, or on a blog.

My preference would be blogging, since it gives you opportunity to fully explain your photos, relationships, family events, etc., and allows for comments. I found a blog that does exactly this, it's called Pieces of the Past (I have no connection to the blog, it is one I stumbled upon and thought, Hey, what a great idea!) There are a number of free blog sites, but, I recommend Blogger, since it is the one I use, and am most familiar with.

A little time spent on this summer project will make future generations of your family very grateful.

Photo courtesy Boston Public Library

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